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Shoulder Pain Treatment

If you notice that you’re suffering from shoulder pain, there are couple of things you should try at home before seeing your doctor. You may use cold compresses to reduce the swelling, apply heat in order to relax the muscles, and pay attention to your daily...

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Where does cupping come from, and what are the benefits?

Where does Cupping come from? Cupping therapy has been around for over 3 thousand years. The first record of this form of alternative medicine dates from 1,550 B.C. in Egypt. It was used as a method to purify the body. This therapy technique has been used by many...

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Why you shouldn’t wait to seek treatment

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) It could start as a mild irritation when biting down, or a faint popping noise when chewing. Don’t ignore them as they could be the early indicators of instability in the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ). Problems in the TMJ, or jaw joint,...

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Tips for safer shoveling

The snow has arrived! Tips from Cappino physiotherapist Monica Trozzo on safer shoveling: Have a good technique Bend your knees and lift the snow using your knees not your back. Slightly arch your back and keep it arched while you lift the snow. Grab the shovel lower...

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Preventing back pain at the office

If you are spending long days at your desk, it can become very uncomfortable for your back and shoulders. Cappino physiotherapist Monica Trozzo provides some tips to combat back pain at your desk: Tips to prevent back pain in the office Sit like a stickman! Back...

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How to choose nutritious foods to donate to a food bank

Did you know that lower income families have more trouble putting healthy, nutritious food on the table? High-calorie and low-nutrient foods are often more accessible and affordable. When donating canned goods  as part of a food drive, people will often give and...

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