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2022 Resolutions to embrace

The new year is upon us! Have you thought of a Resolution? I’ve heard many pledge to lose weight, change their body shape, exercise harder and eliminate certain food. Unfortunately, this can create a negative mindset because if these resolutions are not achieved, the...

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Healthy Eating for Happy Holidays

For many, the holidays make it difficult to stick with eating and exercise routines, but it doesn’t mean all your hard work should be tossed out the window. All it takes is a little planning. Think ahead. Most of us have been following the same Holiday celebrations...

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What is lymphatic drainage?

What is lymphatic drainage? With so many different massage techniques, how to know which to pick to get the most out of your session? One that is uncommon but extremely beneficial is a technique known as lymphatic drainage; but what exactly is it? Lymphatic drainage...

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Halloween “tricks for treats” 2021

Halloween is just around the corner! A very exciting time for kids, but an often stressful one for parents, who worry about the sugar their kids consume. Here are some helpful “tricks for treats” that will allow everyone in the family to have a FUN Halloween: After...

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Tips to optimize your return to gym experience

As our gyms begin to slowly reopen post COVID-19 lockdown, here are 5 tips written by conditioning coach & occupation therapy student Fancesca Richard to optimize your return to gym experience: 1. Always warm up Warming up is an element of training that is often...

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Homemade Strawberry Frozen Yogurt Popsicles

As we continue to enjoy the summer weather, Cappino registered dietitian Jennifer Abdulezer has the perfect refreshing treat for the entire family. Made with all natural ingredients, high in protein and packed with fresh fruits, these delicious homemade strawberry...

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Helping Our Kids Move Forward During COVID 19

As the community begins to open up our children will also have increased opportunities to engage in social activities – so how do you feel about that? And how do they feel about that?Below are a few suggestions in just how you might want to do that:...

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The “skinny” on summer cocktails

Summer has arrived! We hope you are enjoying the sunshine, cooling off by crystal blue pools or glistening lakes, all of it complete with a wonderful cocktail in your hand. Summer cocktails have become increasingly popular. They are creative and beautiful,...

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Stay Hydrated

This summer promises to be a hot and humid one. Here are some tips to keep you healthy and hydrated while you beat the heat.Drink up. Drinking regularly is key to staying well hydrated. Aim for a minimum of 8 glasses of fluids each day, even more if...

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COVID-19 Protocols

In the face of this unprecedented event, Cappino remains committed to doing what is necessary to keep our employees and our clients safe. Telehealth has become the lifeline for most patients and clinics. Cappino has been servicing many clients through...

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