Some of the reasons swimming is a great workout

The summer is finally here and the pools are open for some family fun. Did you know that swimming can also be considered a great way to exercise? Here are some of the reasons why:
  • It provides a full-body workout: swimming strengthens your muscles, while also helping with endurance and cardio
  • It is low impact: if you need to avoid high impact activities such as running, consider swimming which is a great alternative when recovering from an injury or when you need to minimize your risk of injury because of your age or poor health.
  • It helps you burn those calories: get fit, have fun while burning those calories to assist with weight management or weight loss.
  • It helps relieve stress: many consider swimming therapeutic, in part because of the sound of the water or the rhythmic nature of swimming.
  • It increases flexibility: Your joints will appreciate a good swim thanks to the wide range of motion which enhances flexibility and joint mobility.
Don’t wait! Whether in your backyard, or the city pool, get that bathing suit on and go for a swim. Your body will thank you!
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