Shoulder Pain Treatment

If you notice that you’re suffering from shoulder pain, there are couple of things you should try at home before seeing your doctor. You may use cold compresses to reduce the swelling, apply heat in order to relax the muscles, and pay attention to your daily activities that might be causing the shoulder pain.

Shoulder pain can be very unpleasant and can cause a limited range of motion and difficulties performing daily tasks. If the pain lingers or if it gets worse, it’s very important to consult one of our specialists here at Cappino Physio. Depending on what is causing the shoulder pain, there are many different treatments that we offer such as acupuncture, interferential current, therapeutic ultrasounds, manual therapy and stretching techniques.

In certain cases, the patient may need surgery. Therefore, it’s important to consult one of our physiotherapists to assess the injury and find the best therapy solution. You can live happily pain free!

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By Siyona Isa Lazar

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