Virtual appointments now available

While our physical clinics remain temporarily closed, we are still assessing and treating clients through telehealth.

The concept of telehealth is simple.

It involves using technology, such as computers and mobile devices, to communicate with you  in order to effectively evaluate and treat your injury, dietary or psychological needs through video calls. In fact, an important portion of any physiotherapy treatment plan consists of appropriate and individualized exercise  programs  that are progressed as your condition evolves,  proper patient education and follow-up care, all of which can easily be done  through video calls.

Services available through telehealth include: physiotherapy, concussion management, dietetics and professional counseling.

How to get started:

We are available to answer your questions or to schedule your appointment by phone, email or on Facebook:

Dorval: 514-684-9073  

Ile Perrot: (514) 453-2597  

Please note that to participate, you will need a computer, tablet or a phone with an internet connection . A camera, speaker and microphone (usually part of the computer, tablet or phone) are recommended but not mandatory.   You will receive an email a few days before your appointment with details on how to join the appointment and what to expect.         

Payment, receipts and insurance:

CSST, SAAQ and the majority of private insurance companies recognize telehealth and have committed to treating telehealth the same way they do in clinic treatment. If you are unsure about your insurance coverage, we encourage you to call to confirm that your coverage remains intact and that telehealth services are covered. We process credit cards securely through our office terminal. We will provide you with a receipt by email to allow you to submit it to your respective insurance company.  

What we have heard so far from many of you already receiving treatments through telehealth:

  • For those working from home, ergonomics can be an issue. Physiotherapy recommendations on proper workstation ergonomics have helped you feel more comfortable in your new modified workspace.
  • For employees of essential services and healthcare workers, this has allowed you to get the treatments you need conveniently during breaks or after a long shift on your feet.
  • For parents with young children, we are working with you to ensure you are maximizing from your treatment sessions while still caring for your beautiful little ones.  

We understand that for many of you, this is something new and we will work with you to ensure that you are comfortable with the process and the technology.

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