Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Pelvic floor Physical Therapy

Pelvic floor Physical Therapy is a specialized area of Physical Therapy practice (or physiotherapy) that focuses on the pelvic floor muscles. The prevention and treatment applies to men, women and children of all ages.

What is the pelvic floor? Pelvic floor is composed of three layers of muscles that are housed at the bottom of the pelvis. This group of muscles span from the pubic bone in the front of the pelvis to the coccyx (tailbone) in the back of the pelvis.

The muscles have 3 main functions

  1. Supportive function to assist in distributing pressure and as well as supporting the pelvic organs and structures above.
  2. Sexual function assisting in desire, pleasure and orgasm.
  3. Sphincteric function wrapping around the anus and urethra to assist in maintaining continence.


Benefits of pelvic floor physical therapy

Pelvic floor physical therapy can help in the prevention and treatment of incontinence of the bladder and bowel, pelvic pain, intercourse pain, prolapse of the pelvic organs, birth preparation, and during pregnancy, exercise advice as well as preventing and treating pelvic girdle pain. Treatment is individualized and patient focused. It is an approach that strives to restore natural form and function as well as simultaneously working towards patient goals. Some of the treatment options include:

  • Therapeutic exercise
  • Bladder education and retraining
  • Pelvic floor muscle reeducation
  • Use of modalities such as muscle stimulation, biofeedback, laser and dilators
  • Mobilization and stabilization
  • Relaxation and breathing exercises
  • Pre and post birth tools, exercise guidance and education


You do not need a referral to book with an appointment with a pelvic floor specialist