What is lymphatic drainage?

What is lymphatic drainage?

With so many different massage techniques, how to know which to pick to get the most out of your session? One that is uncommon but extremely beneficial is a technique known as lymphatic drainage; but what exactly is it?

Lymphatic drainage is a superficial massage where the therapist works on the level of the skin to help with the movement of the lymph. By moving the lymph around, it helps with removing toxins and waste from the body’s tissues, as well as aiding in decongesting areas that have a buildup of fluid. This technique is referred to those who have lymphedemas, sprains, etc., but it’s original purpose and reason for its creation was to help treat sinusitis!

How can lymphatic drainage help you during the long winter months coming up?

With winter coming, it’s more likely for people to get stuffy noses and just feel congested overall. Lymphatic drainage can greatly help relieve clogged sinuses and pressure behind your eyes as it will work on moving the flow of your lymph in the glands in your neck and face which will remove the feeling of sinus pressure and even prevent infection.

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Sophie Lambert, LMT

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