Halloween “tricks for treats” 2021

Halloween is just around the corner! A very exciting time for kids, but an often stressful one for parents, who worry about the sugar their kids consume. Here are some helpful “tricks for treats” that will allow everyone in the family to have a FUN Halloween:

After your evening of trick or treating, gather the kids, pour out those candy bags, and follow these steps:

  • Toss: Anything with an open or torn wrapper, if it looks like it has been re-wrapped or questionable, should be tossed.
  • Sort: Have your kids sort their candy. Create a “keep” pile with their favorites, and a “donate” pile with ones they are willing to part with. With the donate pile, donate the candy to local shelters, fire stations, hospitals, or nursing homes, anywhere you can spread some Halloween joy!
  • Moderate: Halloween sized candy are a favorite of mine because they are a sensible sized treat. Set limits with your kids that allow them to choose 1-2 treats per day to enjoy. Let them set aside the treats they want to include in their lunch box the next day or have after school.

This lets them feel some control over their candy while also teaching them how to enjoy it in moderation.

These past 18 months have been exceptionally difficult for young kids who have been experiencing more stress than ever. What a great way to give them (and us as parents) a sense of normalcy and fun this year by enjoying Halloween!


Happy Halloween everyone!

Jennifer Abdulezer, P.Dt

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