Easy tips for Low Back Pain

Did you know that 80% of the world’s population will suffer from low back pain (LBP) at one point in time in their lives? Contrary to most beliefs, the incidence of low back pain is not related to occupation as it is equally distributed amongst both sedentary workers and heavy labourers.

Attacks of acute low back pain can start as early as twenty-five years of age, however cases have been observed in five year old children. Attacks become significant by age 35 and peak between the ages of 40 to 45. While low back pain may be self-limiting (can go away on its own), 90% of all cases become recurrent.

Many factors predispose us to low back pain

  • Improper sitting postures.
  • Prolonged sitting positions.
  • Faulty lifting techniques.
  • Inadequate mattresses and pillows.
  • Inappropriate foot wear.

Some useful tips to prevent low back pain

  1. Maintain a proper sitting position: keep both feet flat on the floor and make sure that your chin is tucked in, your shoulders are back and the lower curve in your back is emphasized. If this is too difficult to maintain, consider rolling a towel and placing it at belt level (the place where you would wear your belt)
  2. Interrupt sustained sitting every 25 to 30 minutes: this not only helps to ward off serious conditions such as blood clots, but it reduces the pressure in the intervertebral disc (shock absorber of the spine) and therefore prevents disc protrusions/slipped discs.
  3. Use proper lifting techniques: making sure that when lifting, you tighten your abdominals, bend at your hips and knees and place the object as close to your body as possible.
  4. Exercise regularly: a combination of proper cardiovascular workouts, strength and core training as well as flexibility exercises are all antidotes to low back pain.

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