True or false: fruits with a meal cause fermentation and weight gain

True or false: fruits with a meal cause fermentation and weight gain




Many believe that eating fruit at a meal, when the stomach contains several foods, causes problems such as gas, bloating or weight gain. This theory is based on the idea that digestive enzymes would be less effective when eating different foods at the same time, and the food will be less well digested. That would leave them at the mercy of microorganisms that would ferment them, producing gases.

This theory is not based on any scientific data.

In reality, the stomach is so acidic that there is almost no microorganism that can survive, so food cannot ferment there. In addition, our different digestive enzymes form an outstanding team and food mixtures do not scare them! On the contrary! After all, meals are usually composed of many different foods!

Furthermore, whether alone or at the end of the meal, an apple always contains the same number of calories, so don’t worry about weight gain if you’re craving a fresh fruit with your meal.

In conclusion: whether you eat them before, after or during a meal, fruits will always offer you a variety of vitamins and minerals essential for good health!

University of Missouri Extension. New trend of eating fruit only on an empty stomach is poor advice.


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