A Passion for passion – 3 tips for keeping it alive!

It doesn’t matter how much you care about or love someone, inevitably the excitement of a new relationship will lesson to some degree over time. Does that mean you have to settle for a passionless relationship? Absolutely NOT. All relationships take work! It’s up to you to do something each and every day to ensure that your relationship is strong, steamy and more passionate for years to come. And here are 3 tips to show you how:

3 tips to keep passion alive

1. Communicate

While effective communication is an integral aspect of a healthy relationship, most people think that communication refers to managing (and avoiding) conflicts…in reality, communication is about so much more. That is to say, if one wants to keep passion alive in their relationship, the first step is to evaluate how you communicate with your partner. Passionate couples communicate their feelings in a multitude of different ways: loving words, affectionate touches, seductive looks. All of these non-verbal cues demonstrate how much they care by doing kind things. They also make their attraction known by giving compliments. They share how much fun they’re having by flirting. By communicating – and hearing – these feelings, you’ll be more in touch with your relationship and more in tune with your partner.

2. Get physical

A tale tell sign that your relationship has gone amiss – You don’t touch each other. Or worse, you don’t feel anything when you do touch each other. Even if you and your partner are the best of friends, if you don’t stay connected physically, your passion for each other will surely fade over time. Additionally, it’s important to recognize that it becomes even harder to bring physical fire back if the rest of the relationship has also faded. To avoid this vicious cycle, make your physical relationship a priority. If your sex drive’s not what it used to be, start small, with some subtle physical steps. Make an effort to be more physically affectionate by offering hugs and kisses, holding hands and giving each other backrubs. At night, don’t just get into bed and roll over to your side – spend a few minutes cuddling before you go to sleep. As time goes by, you’ll feel more and more physically connected and your passion for each other will surely grow.

3. Don’t forget to have fun!

When relationships first start out, they are all about FUN.Couples get to know each other by going out on dates and sharing little adventures together. But as time goes by, couples settle into daily routines of cooking, cleaning and raising kids. Even if you have professional and domestic responsibilities that keep you from adventuring the way you once did, you can still find the fun that’s so vital to passionate relationships. How? Create opportunities for fun.You need to make the effort… after all, dates don’t plan themselves, so it’s your job to make them happen. Set aside time each week for a fun, romantic date. Take turns planning the date each week – and be sure to shake up your routine by trying new things. If you’re usually homebodies, go for a walk, hike or bike ride. If you want to really heat things up, consider a sensual date like a couples massage, a dance class, or a weekend away.

Keeping the passion alive in your relationship is one of the best investments you can make as a couple, and the payback you will receive is priceless!

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