Nutritional tips for the Holidays

Nutritional Tips for the Holiday Season

This beautiful festive time of the year is back! In addition to the well-deserved break and pleasant gatherings with family and friends, many fear this period which is often synonymous with weight gain. It is very simple to say I’ll be careful and be reasonable, but it’s often more complicated to act when we are in the festive atmosphere. Here are a few tips to avoid taking in too many calories:

  • Avoid cravings! Do not skip meals for a more hearty meal and take even a snack before you go. You will be less hungry and less tempted to throw yourself in hors d’oeuvre or accept a second dinner plate.
  • Include fruits and vegetables! Prepare raw veggies or homemade salsas. They are less caloric than appetizers such as fried food, puff pastries, pâtés, gravies, or rich and sweet desserts. Take up a part of the plate with vegetables or salad. For dessert, take pieces of fruit to accompany your sweets.
  • Enjoy and socialize! You have all of the time, so chat and enjoy the moment, the company. Eating slowly and enjoying every bite will help to reduce your consumption. These specialty recipes are often only served once a year, so take advantage!
  • Rapid intake of calories! The holiday season is often associated to alcohol consumption. Keep in mind that 1 alcohol consumption (150ml of wine, 1 bottle of beer or 1½ oz of spirits) contains between 100 and 150 kcal. Cocktails are often more caloric because of the juice or sweet liquor added. Enjoy each sip and alternate with glasses of water or sparkling water.
  • Be active! No better way to burn extra calories then having fun. Dance! Take the opportunity to go out and play with children, skiing, skating, snowshoeing, walking, etc.

Enjoy these beautiful moments with those who surround you and especially don’t sabotage your holiday time in feeling guilty about your diet. Rather remember that moderation tastes much better!

Happy holidays!

Mireille Guibord, your dietitian

MIREILLE GUIBORD, B. Sc., RD – Mireille is dedicated to giving her customers nutrition advice that contributes greatly to improving health, quality of life and performance. Via the adoption of healthy eating habits, Mireille has helped children, adults and older persons who are concerned with weight management, sports nutrition or with other health problem(s) related to food (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, allergies/intolerances, diseases of the digestive system, etc.). It will be a pleasure to work with you to help you achieve your goals.
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