The Kinesiologist’s role

The Kinesiologist’s role

A kinesiologist is a health care professional whose goal is to prevent and treat injuries while optimizing performance through physical activity.

The first part of an initial kinesiology assessment is devoted to getting to know the client and gathering information on his/her lifestyle, interests and motivations. The second part of the evaluation focuses on evaluating the physical condition of the client. The purpose of the tests carried out by the kinesiologist

are to assess the capacity and motor skills of the individual in order to target their needs, issues and restrictions.

Following the physical condition and dynamic movement evaluations of the client, the kinesiologist builds a training program adapted to the individual needs and capacities of the person. A kinesiologist works closely with their patient to find exercises that will motivate him/ her to start and continue their training program. After all, the primary role of a kinesiologist is to promote physical activity in order to increase the person’s quality of life.

As for myself, I graduated from McGill University in the spring of 2022 with a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. After graduating, I took the Fédération des Kinésiologues du Québec Exam, of which I am now a member. I also did my internship with various McGill sports teams including: volleyball, football, hockey, swimming and basketball. This experience has allowed me to greatly increase my skills as a professional and as an individual.

My field of expertise includes athletes who want to surpass themselves and grow in their sport. I also enjoy helping people who want to get back on their feet and live a healthy life and assisting those suffering from chronic pain who want to regain a healthy, active and pain-free lifestyle.

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Written by Charles-Édouard, kinesiologist at our Cappino Ile-Perrot location

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