Sex gets better with age… No, really it does!

Many people assume that getting older means a decline in EVERYTHING that was once good (energy, body, sex, etc.). Good news – this is not what the research says! Mid life is a time of freedom.

You finally get to do a little more of what you want……your kids need you less, if at all; you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant; no more periods, which means no more PMS; more time spent on self development and personal growth. If this is you, then you are likely to find that sex, like other areas of your life, also gets better with age. If you are physically healthy, then your interest in sex can last a life time. If you are lucky to be in a healthy, loving relationship, then you should continue to have sexual activity.

Sometimes frequency diminishes, but quality usually improves. What is important is to understand that both men and women go through natural physical changes that can impact their sexuality, especially if you do nothing to keep your organs happy. Women can expect vaginal changes like decreased lubrication causing dryness, taking longer to get aroused, thinning of the vaginal tissue, and you may be slower to orgasm due to the reduction in blood flow to your genitals. For men, they take longer to achieve an erection, they need greater stimulation, their refractory period gets longer (time between ejaculation), and they ejaculate with much less force. But, research has shown that if you use your genitals regularly, meaning that you allow blood to flow to the organs through stimulation, then these effects are lessened. Furthermore, we now have medications to help with each of these issues. The bottom line is: be informed of the changes that will likely occur (although severity of symptoms and age at which they appear can vary greatly) and know that you can do something about it. No need to give up on one of life’s greatest pleasures!

Look out for my upcoming book “The Sex Bible-Over 50“…a sort of how-to manual that offers concrete solutions to maintaining a healthy sex life throughout the life span.

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