Our former clients’ testimonials



“I’ve been treated by Kelly Cappadocia for the past six months for minor aches in the chest area. Through her therapy and careful manipulations, I can now say that I feel much better. I recommend Kelly’s services as they have truly had an effect on my health and well-being. Her professionalism and dedication are way above expectations.”

Francesca Barreca- Professor at Dawson College


“I first met Monica in 2010 so we have had a long and painful (mine) relationship since and still ongoing. I have not met many people who always greet you with a smile on their face, is always in a happy mood, is a great listener and is actually sympathetic to a patients pain and discomfort. It is always a pleasure to see her at 8:00 in the morning, even if I am in lot of pain. That smile of hers always helps to lessen it.”

Sam Zilber


“I felt major pain in my lower back and often could not bend down to retrieve objects from the floor. Since Kelly has started treating my back, I do not feel any more pain. I cannot believe the difference her specific treatment has made in my life. I recommend Kelly to everyone who wants to live pain free.”

Marco Manna- President & Founder of IBC Labels Inc.


“I enjoyed my time at Cappino. Meghan is awesome, very knowledgeable and kind. She made my knee heal in a pretty short period of time.  She was also giving me exercises to do at home and it helped my healing a lot. They also give ice after a session so I didn’t have to do it at home. 5 out of 5!”

Pediatric patient, Daniel

“I didn’t give much thought to physio before, but seeing how Meghan fixed my son’s knee in no time, changes it completely. I’m about to book an appointment for myself. Meghan is truly amazing; she genuinely cares about her patients, and always takes time and effort to follow up. Thank you very much Meghan!”

Daniel’s Mom Tanya.



“Kelly is an amazing person that genuinely cares for her clients. She is extremely professional and is very skilled at treating any problem. I especially appreciate the personal touch she offers by calling to follow up on her client’s progress. She has treated all 5 of us and we have recommended her to many others.”

Mike Homsy- Physical Education Teacher & Olympic Basketball Referee


“I have been an amateur boxer for the last three years, two of them I’ve been competing. I injured my shoulder this year while sparring in the gym and I went to go see Meghan Straub for 7 weeks of physiotherapy treatment. She was fabulous! Meghan is very knowledgeable, kind, caring and healed my shoulder in no time. She also took the time out of her day to call me for follow up and to see if I understood all the exercises. My shoulder has now healed and I am getting ready for my next match. I would highly recommend Meghan to others, as she did a wonderful job with me. Thank you very much Meghan. If I have any other injuries I will certainly be coming to see you.”

Ian Davies – Amateur Boxer


“A year and half ago I was suffering such excruciating pain due to disc problems in my lower back that I could not even sit on the Metro. With only two therapy sessions Kelly reduced most of my pain, and with a few more the pain was totally eliminated. I appreciated not only Kelly’s professionalism and knowledge during my therapy and in the follow-up, but also her cheerful and positive style, all of which gave me full confidence in my treatment. Thank you so much!”

Rosalyn Freedman- Professor at Concordia University


“We were extremely satisfied with your care as a physio. Our experience at Cappino was very good and we would definitely return to see you if we needed to. You displayed knowledge, professionalism, and patience when giving physio care to my daughter, Meagan Charbonneau. Thank you so much.”

Marcie Shults, Meagan’s Mom.


“After successful hip surgery, I went to see Kelly for rehabilitation. Her hands-on treatments and home exercises helped me return to dancing quicker than my orthopaedic surgeon expected. Her extensive knowledge and determination were instrumental in my rehabilitation. I will always return to her for all my future physiotherapy needs.”

Erin Greene- Contemporary Dancer and Instructor


“Kelly is a great physiotherapist and has helped me make great strides in reducing my back and leg pains. Thanks Kelly.”

Stephen Goldberg – Life Coach and Owner of Souvenir FX


“Kelly offers physiotherapy sessions to our employees on a weekly basis. Since the inception of this new program to our Firm, our employees have appreciated Kelly’s work and can easily make appointments in-house. She is professional, friendly and truly cares about her patients. She has made the process of offering this service to our employees extremely simple, efficient and most of all, beneficial to our employees. Thank you Kelly.”

Vittoria Chimienti, Administration des pensions,Deloitte & Touche


“When I met Meghan for the first time, I had a 6 month old hip issue that inhibited any progress whatsoever in my training. In the first 2 sessions, she was able to reset my problematic pelvis and prescribe the adequate exercises to strengthen the surrounding musculature. In just over a month, I was back to my full potential thanks to Meghan’s thorough knowledge, professionalism, and understanding of her patient’s needs.”

Carl Majdalani, Provincial record holder in Powerlifiting


“Ayant une douleur dans le bas de mon dos qui a duré un an et demie, je suis allée consulter Kelly; Une opportunité offerte par ma compagnie. Par sa façon, très efficace et très sûre, a pu améliorer mon cas et me laisser finir avec cette douleur très rapidement. Professionnelle, compétente, et une très bonne physiothérapeute !! Sûrement, je recommanderai ses services à tous ceux qui ont besoin.Et, encore une fois, … Merci bien Kelly pour ton traitement exceptionnel .”

Joumana Jarjour, Coordonnatrice à la facturation, Deloitte & Touche


“A few years ago after a number of doctor appointments and testing, I was diagnosed as having both Carpal Tunnel and Trigger Finger symptoms. The doctor decided to schedule me for surgery. Due to the extensive wait time (having been waiting close to 1 year), I decided to explore osteopathy treatments with Lisane at Cappino Physiotherapy & Wellness Center. After seeing Lisane, my symptoms of both Carpal Tunnel and Trigger Finger have greatly diminished to the point where I will probably cancel surgery. The positive improvement was a result of one treatment.  The current symptoms are very minor compared to previously, and I am convinced that these symptoms may completely disappear with additional treatment. Thank you Lisane for potentially eliminating surgery and the discomfort associated with it.”

Gabriel Zaino


“When Corrie Sirota listens to you, and teaches you how to listen, she effortlessly assumes the (quite natural) role of someone who actively seeks to help, guide and point the participating person(s) where he or she could turn. Her attention to detail, and her genuine ability and willingness to create positive change and enlightenment, makes her a caring, active leader in the field of counseling and care”.

Adam Kolodny, MA; Workshop participant


“Corrie Sirota is a very special person. She is at the top of her field counseling her clients through all of life’s challenges with humor, empathy and irreproachable professionalism. As a speaker she is well versed in areas such as bereavement and bullying. She has an amazing rapport with children and goes to summer camps to work with counselors teaching them skills and games to deal with the campers. Always smiling and laughing Corrie makes everyone she meets feel comfortable. Speaking at conferences across Canada and the US Corrie is highly respected in her field among her peers. As a private therapist Corrie knows how to reach people and makes it easy for them to open up. I have referred Corrie and the feedback has always been grateful and enthusiastic. Anyone would be lucky to have Corrie on their team, she is the real deal”.

Phyllis F


“I have used Alessandra’s Dietetics services on several occasions. She’s a young, motivated and resourceful dietitian that digs deep into your health problems and provides the best custom diet plan that suits your lifestyle. I have an intolerance to high sodium foods. Alessandra provided me a diet plan for every meal in the day reducing my sodium intake by 80%. Her constant follow ups are also very professional. She motivates me to continue following the well structured diet plan and improve my health. I highly recommend her.”




The Jewish General Hospital Foundation would like to thank our friends at Cappino for supporting our 22nd annual Silver Star Mercedes-Benz Golf Classic fundraiser.  Our golfers were thrilled to be able to be massaged and treated by the specialists from Cappino all throughout the day.  They were very knowledgeable and professional and working with them was such a treat and a real pleasure.  We look forward to a long term partnership and wish them much success.

Stephanie Roza, Senior Coordinator, JGH Foundation

“Nina understands your muscles better than your own body does… she is an amazing therapist with loads of physical training experience!”

Dumindra Jayasinghe

“Nina is awesome! She really seems to understand my pain and what to do to get rid of it. I see her once a month and I always leave there feeling better (and counting down to my next massage!)”

Elizabeth Wood

“When I first discovered Cappino Physiotherapy and Wellness Center, I knew the place was special. I was immediately welcomed like I was part of the family. I walked in inquiring about a deep tissue massage and was introduced to Nurit. Thank you! From the very first moment she was totally professional, very intuitive and she has a gift in recognizing how her techniques contribute to the healing and relaxation you look for. Couple that with a wonderful, friendly staff, and a clean environment, it’s no wonder I continuously go back. I’ve even recommended Cappino to friends and family. They definitely made me feel better!”

Robert Key