Sports Psychology


Cappino offers a sports psychology development program where athletes will acquire the knowledge, attitude and skills necessary to maximize their performance and competitive edge.

Presentations/Workshops/Team & Group Building Program

Topics include:

  • Motivation
  • Cohesion and team concepts
  • Stress Management
  • Leadership
  • Adversity and tools to overcome it
  • Confidence

  Maxime Chevrier is a Sports Psychology Consultant and has been a Professor at the Cegep of Valleyfield since 2008. Maxime is best known as a performance specialist.

Throughout his youth, Maxime played at the highest levels of competitive hockey. After completing his studies in psychology at UQTR, Maxime was determined to pursue his desire to work with athletes in this highly specialized area. He is one of only a handful of people in Canada to be fully trained to use the “NeuroTracker” software for both BASELINE and POST-INCIDENT Concussion testing, which is used by many professional athletes, inclusive of NHL teams, to accelerate their recovery and increase their performance after experiencing any form of head trauma. Maxime’s track record is justified by his extensive years of experience in this field, which have benefitted many proven and up-and-coming Amateur, Professional and Olympic Athletes who attribute some of their highest levels of performance to the Neuroplasticity Training administered by Maxime. Maxime also co-authored the book, used by several psychology curriculums at both the collegiate and university levels, titled “Psychopathology: An Integrated Approach” and published in 2011.

A large emphasis of Maxime’s work is focused on concussion-prevention practices and techniques, as well as rehabilitation exercises that help players recover from concussion symptoms. Moreover, Maxime is also very aware of the fact that athletes also deal with unusual amounts of stress and other issues. Maxime aims to help athletes remain focused by mentally preparing them to perform to their best ability.