Athletes know that any sport requires an enormous amount of discipline, strength and determination. Implementing a development program is paramount to cultivating sport skills and taking them to a higher level. At Cappino, we understand the challenges athletes and student athletes face both mentally and physically, and are dedicated to providing the essential support needed to take them to the next level.

Our job is to ensure our clients are treated quickly and effectively so they are back in competitive form as soon as possible.  We also ensure the athletes are properly educated in the prevention of future injuries in order to avoid any recurrences from taking place. As a result, we’ve developed a Sports Program that is truly unique in its kind. It focuses on providing effective turnkey solutions to athletes (student athletes), as well as parents, coaches and organization.


This program includes a wide array of services and highly experienced practitioners ensuring all your needs are met:

  • Concussion Screening and Treatment Protocol (CAMP) with NeuroTracker
  • On field Athletic Therapy
  • Off field rehabilitation (Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Acupuncture)
  • Emergency Hotline with 90min call-back outside of business hours
  • Nutrition
  • Performance Training
  • Medical Doctor by appointment within 48 hours of the injury
  • Workshops for student-athletes, parents and coaches
  • Sports Psychology and Counseling
  • Mobile application with quick access to important tools


In order to make this a seamless process for the organization, a Sports Coordinator is also assigned to your association so that there is a clean line of communication between the players, school, parents and practitioners.