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Athletes know that any sport requires an enormous amount of discipline, strength and determination. Implementing a development program is paramount to cultivating sport skills and taking them to a higher level. We are trusted by leading sports organizations and have the privilege of working with a number of different sports teams and athletes.  At Cappino Physiotherapy & Wellness Center, we understand the challenges you face both mentally and physically, and are dedicated to providing the essential support you need.

Unlike most clinics, Cappino provides individualized sports therapy for each athlete, with a strong focus on comfort and well-being. At Cappino you will be treated by a member of our highly qualified multi-disciplinary team, benefiting from uninterrupted sessions in one of our welcoming private treatment rooms.

Sports Physiotherapy Treatments

Sport players experience a wide range of injuries such as:

  • Sprained ankles, knees, and wrists.
  • Acromio-clavicular joint injuries.
  • Pulled hamstring, rotator cuffs or groin muscles.
  • Overuse injuries sustained from repeated action and constant manoeuvrings.
  • Knee or elbow pain due to hyper extensive actions.
  • Chronic neck or back pain.
  • Slipped or bulging discs due to wear and tear from hard training.

A qualified health practitioner is a vital component for any athlete, whether professional or recreational.  At Cappino Physiotherapy and Wellness Center, our specialized team members will help you to recover from your injury quickly and to prevent re-occurrence, so you can maximize your health potential and achieve your desired objectives.


Physiotherapists help individuals develop, restore and maintain maximum body movement.  They have an extensive understanding of anatomy and are adept at evaluating, assessing and managing a broad range of conditions. They are skilled in providing rehabilitation to athletes suffering from an orthopedic injury and can help to:

  • Increase or restore range of motion.
  • Provide a rehabilitation program.
  • Prevent and treat injuries.
  • Improve flexibility through dynamic stretching techniques.

Our highly trained physiotherapists have a deep understanding of sports related injuries.  They work closely with strength and conditioning coaches to ensure their patients return to their peak physical level – getting you back into the game as soon as possible.

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Registered Massage Therapists can also be very beneficial to an athlete.  Receiving a regular massage helps to prevent injury and enhance athletic  performance. It  releases tension, remove toxins and diminish lactic acid build up, which causes athletes to suffer from muscle soreness that can limit performance.  Our experienced registered massage therapists provide relaxation, Deep Tissue  or Sports Massages to ensure that muscles are fully relaxed and the athlete is in the best possible physical and mental state to compete.

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An Osteopath is a very useful practitioner when dealing with sports related injuries.  They often take a more holistic approach by treating the body as a whole rather than the injury itself.  As a result, the osteopath often works hand in hand with the physiotherapist to heal injuries.  An osteopath can teach athletes how to improve posture and balance, which will not only improve their performance but also reduce the risk of further injury.

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To perform better, you need to fuel better.  Any athlete will tell you that nutrition is one of the most important components of a training regime.  The proper diet will encourage muscle development, reduce unnecessary fats and maintain high levels of energy.  While working with a Registered Dietitian, players can gain access to a customized nutritional plan that will achieve all desired goals.

There are a number of reasons why diet plays such an important role:

  • Proper nutrition improves overall health.
  • A healthy diet reduces recovery time.
  • Certain foods will improve performance.
  • Proper eating habits will maintain a desired weight.

We offer Optimal Performance Nutrition Packages, designed to help you improve your athletic performance and reach your goals by working with your training and energy needs.  You are guaranteed to get the optimum amount of nutrients for your sports or activity, while having meal plans fitted to your lifestyle.

Choose from:

  1. Sport-Specific Diet Plan
  2. Competition Day Diet Plan
  3. Weight Control Diet Plan – Athlete Edition

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Often what differentiates a successful result from a less desired one is the athlete’s mental awareness. Our Professional Counselor works with you to explore topics like anxiety, coping with disappointment as a result of an unsuccessful event or major injury, and anger management; helping you to keep your life in balance and your goals in focus. To speak with our professional counselor, please click here.


To talk with one of our qualified practitioners or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at  514.684.9073.

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