• What is the Neurotracker


  • The Neurotracker has been proven to increase the following attention (sustained and divided), executive functioning, working memory and processing speed. Individuals having suffered from a concussion may report deficiencies in the areas.


  • How does it work?


  • Eight numbered balls bounce randomly around a cube, which the user sees through 3D glasses. At the outset, four of the balls will glow red, indicating that those are the ball to keep an eye on. Momentarily they turn yellow, and will blend it with the other targets, all of them dispersing and colliding. After eight seconds, the user will be asked to recall the numbers of the spheres that had once been red. . For each correct response, the user will advance a level, intensifying the speed. When the user responds incorrectly, they are demoted a level and the speed will decelerate. The user will repeat this exercise twenty times after which they will be given a score.