Concussion Management Protocol

Once an individual has sustained or believes that they have sustained a concussion, the first step is to contact Cappino. Concussion clients are typically seen within 24-48 hours of sustaining their injury.

Upon arrival, the client will undergo a thorough evaluation process whereby their cognitive,  neurological, visual and vestibular systems will be tested. The individual’s neck range of motion and strength as well as their balance will be examined as well.

More specifically, cognitive function will be evaluated via the ImPACT test (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing). The ImPACT is a collection of neurocognitive assessments administered online in a controlled environment.  The ImPACT test has two components: baseline testing and post-injury testing which are used in conjunction to determine the level by which the client has been affected cognitively. ImPACT evaluates visual and verbal memory, reaction time and processing speed. All can be compared to normative data in the event that a baseline test was not undertaken.