Concussion Education

The cornerstone of Cappino’s concussion program is education. Proper management of concussions starts with recognition followed by immediate and decisive action. Studies show that those who understand the severity of concussions are more likely to report them. Dr.Charles Tatar, a neurologist from the University of Toronto stated that: “There is evidence that education about concussion leads to a reduction in the incidence of concussion and improved outcomes from concussion”.

Athletes and Teams

All organizations should have a Concussion Management protocol. The protocol must be tailored to the needs of the sport and the resources of the particular team or club. Developing such a protocol requires an in depth understanding of both the sport and concussion management.

The protocol should include:

– Procedure to follow in the event of a suspected concussion.

– A designated person onsite responsible for evaluating the severity of the concussion and determining whether immediate medical intervention is required

-Options for the athlete requiring a more in depth assessment and follow up

-Return to play policy (documentation required)