What’s an R.D.?

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What’s an R.D.??

Everyone and their grandma have an opinion on what do eat. So why do I keep tooting my own horn about being a Registered Dietitian? Well R.Ds are the only recognized nutritional experts.

What do we do?

A Registered Dietitian (RD), or a professional dietitian (P.Dt) or just a Dietitian is a health care professional. We use scientific research to back up our advice and make unique treatment plans based on your personal and nutritional needs.

We wear many hats and work in industries like private clinics, hospitals, the government, or in the community.

That’s nice, but I’ll just ask my doctor about what do eat.

Not so fast! Not to discredit doctors in any way, but the reality is, most medicine programs barely scratch the surface of proper nutrition!  I checked out the curriculum in the medicine department at McGill and didn’t find one class called “Nutrition”.
We dietitians not only learn the basics, but also how nutrition relates to all sorts of diseases (like cancer, diabetes, celiac disease), how to manage digestive issues, how to feed people through different phases of life (from young to old) and how to make sure you’re getting enough nutrition to meet your body’s needs (sports and vegetarianism)!

But I heard you call yourself a Nutritionist. Now I’m confused.

You’re not alone. Fact is, in some areas dietitians can call themselves nutritionists, but in others, anyone could be a nutritionist!

In Canada, dietitians in Alberta, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan can call themselves nutritionists. In the other provinces they can’t- so be wary- those nutritionists are NOT dietitians!

To keep you sane, here’s a general rule of thumb:

Some dietitians call themselves nutritionists, but not all nutritionists are dietitians.

We hear nutritional advice from all over, so remember, Registered Dietitians are the only ones with the qualifications to be giving you personalized nutritional advice!

For more, check out my video “What’s an R.D.?” on What The Food TV about this topic!

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