Welcome “Force One” To The Cappino Team!

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Cappino Physiotherapy & Wellness Center is excited to announce it has teamed up with Force One members Christophe Szumski, Osteopath for Athletes and Mark Tosques, Biomechanics & Conditioning Expert to offer clients an innovative new concept in sports fitness.

Force One has contributed to the success of many multidisciplinary professional and amateur athletes from a variety of disciplines, including: Antonio Ribeiro and Sandro Grande from the Montreal Impact; Michelle Dillon, two time Olympian, World & European Champion; Andreanne Poulin, Canadian ice dancer and the 2012 Canadian junior champion; Jayme Rae Dailey, professional dancer, as well as Andy Garcia and Rory McDonald, mixed martial arts fighters. Their overall approach is based on the physical performance of the athletes that they treat.

Christophe Szumski & Mark Tosques


Antonio Ribeiro, Montreal

Michelle Dillon, Olympian

Andréanne Poulin, Ice Dancer

Force One is a unique posture-based conditioning system to breakthrough any limitations you thought you had. Correct posture is the foundation for all human movement. Learning to maintain correct posture in your everyday life, while engaging in athletic pursuits is essential to maximize performance and minimize pain and injury. Through improved posture, body awareness, increased flexibility & mobility, greater muscle, tendon and joint strength, you will optimize your movement patterns. Using simple but effective techniques you will move better, feel better and perform better.

The Force One Services include:

  • Postural Training
  • Movement Optimization
  • Nutrition for Health & Performance

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Cappino Physiotherapy and Wellness Center offers innovative, hands-on treatment techniques to heal injuries faster and to improve quality of life.

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