Treating chronic pain through osteopathy

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When you live with chronic pain, it can affect all aspects of your life: social, personal, family and work. All become disturbed and the pain ends up impeding on your general quality of life by determining what you can and cannot do. Often times the most common solution to pain management is medication. Medication can dull the pain and provide temporary relief; however it does not actually treat the root cause of the pain. Osteopathy, being a manual approach, addresses the chronic pain in a different way.

Osteopathy specialises in locating the cause of the problem rather than treating the symptoms. By finding the primary cause of the pain, be it a blockage, a tension or misalignment for example, an osteopath is able to use their specialised palpation skills and manual techniques to normalise it. Often times, clients are surprised to find out that the cause of the pain is not located where the pain is. That is because pain can often be referred to other parts of the body via the complex fascial and nervous systems in the human body. An example of this can be the diagnosis of“sciatica”. Although the pain is felt in the buttocks and the leg, often times the cause of the pain is actually at the level of the spine. Using a manual technique, an osteopath can evaluate and treat the according level of the spine and the trajectory of the nerve, thus potentially decreasing the pain on a more long term or even permanent basis.

Another example is arthritis. An osteopath can be your first step in identifying the condition and can help guide you to the next steps in your diagnosis. Although the effects of this condition cannot be reversed, osteopathy can help manage it. An osteopath can delay or even prevent further changes from happening in the joints.

Pain caused by arthritis can often be controlled by normalizing soft tissues and manual techniques to regain mobility in the joints. In addition, an osteopath can help align the rest of the body to ensure proper posture and weight distribution. This is important for anyone with arthritis because it prevents overuse of the other articulations in the body. An example of this is somebody suffering from hip arthritis and who is unable to put all their weight on the leg due to the pain. The other hip ends up working double time to make up for the one with arthritis. With the predisposing factors and this overuse of the other hip, it is common to develop pain in other joints and parts of the body. With the thorough knowledge of how the body interrelates and functions, an osteopath is able to directly address the affected arthritic joints and prevent damage in all the other ones.

Do you suffer from a chronic condition? Don’t suffer in silence. Schedule an appointment and let us evaluate together how best to manage the pain.


Olesya Gapakov, D.O.  

Olesya graduated as an Osteopath from Collège d’Études Ostéopathiques in 2013. She has been practicing as an osteopathy graduate since 2009, working with a diverse clientele including adults, geriatric, pregnant women, and babies. Olesya’s previous medical education includes a B.Sc. degree in Occupational Therapy from McGill University in 2004, and has 10 years of experience in rehabilitative therapy.

As an osteopathic practitioner, Olesya is focused on re-establishing the body’s equilibrium in order to optimize its function and performance. She accomplishes this by using specialized palpation skills, techniques and education. Olesya takes the time to ensure her clients have a full understanding of their situation, by explaining all findings as well as the theory behind the treatment. She works with all clientele, ailments and injuries, both acute and chronic. Her personal interests are back pain, post-surgery recovery, and pregnancy.

To book an appointment with Olesya, click here.

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