Strengthen your immune system with Acupuncture

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As the days shorten and the temperature drops, the time has come to worry about the condition of our immune system.

Acupuncture, wich has been practiced for over 5 000 years, strengthens your immune system without any chemicals or side effects.  A few preventive treatments can help you pass through the cold season without worries. The acupuncture sessions also benefits your respiratory system and your natural stress-coping mechanisms.

You will feel a boost of energy and vitality that will help you keep a better health and your spirits up during this season change.


If you do not get preventive treatment and do get sick, the same mechanisms strengthening the immune system can be used to overcome the toughest virus much faster than the usual remedies.

As Cappino’s acupuncturist, I am always happy to answer your questions and participate in maintaining your health and that of your family! To book an appointment, click here! 


Maxime Deshaies, Acupuncteur

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Cappino Physiotherapy and Wellness Center offers innovative, hands-on treatment techniques to heal injuries faster and to improve quality of life.

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