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Force One is a unique posture-based conditioning system to breakthrough any limitations you thought you had. Correct posture is the foundation for all human movement. Learning to maintain correct posture in your everyday life, while engaging in athletic pursuits is essential to maximize performance and minimize pain and injury. Through improved posture, body awareness, increased flexibility & mobility, greater muscle, tendon and joint strength, you will optimize your movement patterns. Using simple but effective techniques you will move better, feel better and perform better.

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The Force One Services include:

    • Postural Training
      • 1hr Session. This is the equivalent of Session 1 of the Force One Postural Training program. This option is available to those that wish to only be evaluated and then proceed to engage in postural training on their own.


    • Movement Optimization
      • 1hr Session. This is the equivalent of Session 2 of the Force One Postural Training program. This option is available to those that wish to only be evaluated and then proceed to engage in movement optimization on their own.


    • Nutrition for Health & Performance
      • 2 x 1hr Sessions
      • Session 1: Nutritional Assessment and Planning. You will be asked to record a Training and Food diary during the week leading up to this appointment. During the visit your nutritional choices and timing of meals will be reviewed. Then a plan will be created based on your goals and the demands of your particular training schedule. The focus will be on nutrient-dense whole foods eaten at the right times depending on your training schedule.
      • Session 2: Follow-Up with Adjustments. Again, you will be asked to keep a Training and Food diary. The diary will be reviewed and the eating plan will be adjusted.

Christophe Szumski Osteopath Portfolio

Michelle Dillon

Meilleure entraîneuse de triathlon de 2010.

Olympien, ancienne championne britannique de triathlon

Stuart Hayes

Triathlète international, olympien et vainqueur Kitzbuel 2010


Kathy Tremblay

Triathlète internationale et olympienne



William Clarke

Olympien, deux fois champion britannique de triathlon



Jodie Stimpson

Championne du triathlon britannique Super series, deux fois médaillées d’argent à la fois aux Championnats mondiaux et aux Championnats d’Europe

Roy McDonald


Alex Garcia


Denis Kang


Antonio Ribeiro

Montreal Impact

Sandro Grande

Montreal Impact


Andreanne Poulin

Danse sur Glace

Jayme Rae Dailey

Danseuse Professionnelle


Force One Team

Christophe Szumski, Osteopath D.O.

Christophe is an experienced osteopath who has contributed to the success of many multidisciplinary professional and amateur athletes from a variety of disciplines, including: Antonio Ribeiro and Sandro Grande from the Montreal Impact; Michelle Dillon, two time Olympian, World & European Champion; Andreanne Poulin, Canadian ice dancer and the 2012 Canadian junior champion; Jayme Rae Dailey, professional dancer, as well as Andy Garcia and Rory McDonald, mixed martial arts fighters. Christophe’s overall approach is based on the physical performance of the athletes that he treats.

Christophe graduated from the University of Lille and the Institut franco-brtiannique d’ostheopathie in Paris, France. He later specialized in equine osteopathy at IFOREC in Manosque, France. Following his studies, he became the only equine osteopath to be hired by the NRHA (National Reining Horse Association) in the United States where he worked as a private consultant for equestrians and horses of international calibre. He also worked in Canada in the Cavalia show, in classical equestrian training and obstacle jumping.

Christophe’s treatments, which have become a benchmark for elite national and international athletes, allow the athletes to be in exceptional shape for their competitions, improve their performance, and optimize their recovery period.

This enriching background makes Christophe an indisputable reference in his field of specialization; postural biomechanics. His strength is to give you all the necessary tools needed to improve and maintain your good health, solve all your chronic or occasional problems that may stop you from progressing in your training. Understanding your symptoms allows for a speedier and long lasting recovery.
Christophe Szumski is also the founder of Force One and president of Azursport, a distribution company that specializes in sports medicine products.


Mark Tosques, Biomechanics & Conditioning Expert / Naturopath

Mark is an amateur athlete and athletic sports coach specializing in movement optimization and biomechanics for athletes. Using a multi-disciplinary approach, Mark combines the best of Strength & Conditioning, Muscle Activation, Self Massage, Flexibility and Mobility to provide you with the largest improvement possible within a short time frame. He has honed his skills by logging thousands of athlete-hours with 1-on-1 client training, small groups and class formats. Regardless of your age, experience or fitness level Mark can and will help you improve. Using simple techniques and exercises he will help you move better, feel better and perform better. Guaranteed.

Mark is a Naturotherapist in good standing with the Association des Naturothérapeutes du Québec (ANQ)