Running 101: From Start To Finish, Keep Your Body Happy.

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For many marathon runners, training has been a constant process throughout the year. For those of us starting out, we are starting to get into the mind-set of training and have our goals set on a half or full marathon sometime this summer.  Whether, you are old or new to this training regime, here are some things to consider:

Running is hard on your body.  It is not just a mental feat or a challenge for your cardiovascular endurance, but also for your joints and muscles.   The key to being a successful runner is to know your limits and listen to your body.   Core strength, generalized muscle strength and flexibility are crucial before starting to run.   The stronger and more flexible you are, the less likely you are to develop injuries that may inevitably stop you from competing after months of training.   Among the most common problems in runners, are the following:

Trochanteric bursitis -Pain is  localized to the outside of the hip or radiating to the knee. Possible causes include; hip weakness, tight ITB, gluts & piriformis, and altered gait pattern (ex: legs crossing the mid-line when walking or running).

ITB syndrome– Pain on the outside of the knee, sometimes radiating toward the ankle, or localized swelling outside of the knee. Possible causes include; hip weakness and lack of mobility at the knee or hip.

Shin Splints – Pain on the front  or inside of the lower leg and/or inside of the ankle. Possible causes include; weakness around the joints above, lack of mobility of the knee, ankle or foot and improper footwear.

Plantar fasciitis– Pain under the heel or arch of the foot (usually when weight bearing), with pain greater in the morning. Possible causes include; weakness around the joints above,  lack of mobility in the ankle/foot and/or knee and/or hip, and improper footwear.

Achilles tendonitis– Pain in the back of the heel, localized swelling with greater pain in the morning. Possible causes include; weakness around  the joints above, lack of mobility at the ankle or foot, decreased flexibility and improper footwear.

A physiotherapist can evaluate your walking/running pattern and assess your generalized strength and flexibility to make sure you are on the right track.  They can equally help you rehabilitate from an injury that may be limiting your performance.


Meet Patricia….one of Cappino’s skilled physiotherapists


Patricia, B.Sc, PhT, graduated in 2006 from McGill University and has since taken courses on the shoulder, lumbar and cervical spine, as well as functionally evaluating and treating muscle imbalances. She has enjoyed acting as a clinical supervisor for the McGill and the Université Laval physiotherapy programs and aims to continue her post-graduate courses in manual therapy.

To book an appointment with Patricia click here.

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Cappino Physiotherapy and Wellness Center offers innovative, hands-on treatment techniques to heal injuries faster and to improve quality of life.

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