plagiocephaly– TOP FACTS FOR PARENTS

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What is plagiocephaly?

Plagiocephaly is a pretty big word for something that’s fairly common. Simply put, it’s a deformation of the skull bones that makes a baby’s head asymmetrical and uneven. There are a lot of different names used to describe plagiocephaly, such as flat head syndrome, deformational plagiocephaly and positional plagiocephaly.


How does it happen?

While some babies are born with plagiocephaly, positional plagiocephaly is usually the result of the baby’s head being placed in the same position for a prolonged period of time. Because the newborn baby’s skull is softer and more flexible than an adult’s, being placed in the same position for a long period of time and the traumatic birthing experience can result in their skulls being misshaped. Risk factors for plagiocephaly include: prematurity, in utero positioning, difficult deliveries and use of forceps, tight neck muscles and a condition called torticollis.

What does plagiocephaly look like?

Babies with plagiocephaly usually have the following characteristics:

  • flattening of one side of the back of the head,
  • flattening of the forehead,
  • uneven positioning of the eyes and/or ears,
  • overall tilt of the head.

What is the treatment?

The treatment of positional plagiocephaly varies depending on its severity. More severe cases are treated with a specialized helmet to help reposition the skull bones. Most cases can be treated with gentle stretches and positioning exercises prescribed by a physical therapist.

Do you, or does someone you know, have a newborn baby with an asymmetrical head shape? If so, please feel free to call 514.684.9073 or book an appointment online with Meghan to find out how she can help!


Meet Meghan…one of Cappino’s Expert Physiotherapists

MEGHAN STRAUB B.Sc., M. A PhT – is a graduate of McGill University with a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy and member of  l’ordre professionnel de la physiothérapie du Quebec (OPPQ), Meghan has taken her background as an avid athlete and combined it with her caring-personality to help individuals achieve their maximum potential. She has completed several stages with high-distinction in the fields of orthopedics, neurology and pediatrics and has worked with the McGill Women’s Rugby team for the past three years. In addition, Meghan has taken courses on the treatment of orthopedic conditions, cancer rehabilitation and advanced pediatric physical therapy and plans to continue her post-graduate education with courses in manual therapy and pediatrics. Book an appointment with Meghan.


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