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Are you expecting a baby within the next few months and experiencing low back pain or sacro-iliac (hip) pain? You aren’t alone! In fact, about two thirds of pregnant women report having pain in their lower back during pregnancy. As the baby grows, women bear more weight, putting more pressure on the structures of the back leading to more pain! Eventually, pregnant women can have difficulty sitting down for long periods, difficulty walking or doing their daily activities. Even sleep can be disrupted! Fortunately, there are options available to improve your quality of life during pregnancy.


Research has shown that various options can help pregnant women perform their work related tasks, daily activities and reduce their pain level.

  • Physiotherapists have the skills and knowledge to evaluate and prescribe exercises, which will help strengthen muscles and work the core stability, both of which play a role in back pain.
  • Stretches and mobilisations are also amongst the tools physiotherapists use to alleviate the pain.
  •  Acupuncture is another option, as it has been shown to help relieve pain and improve women’s functional status.
  • Another interesting option for decreasing low back pain and keeping fit is aqua therapy classes for pregnant women.
  • Finally, special belts exist to apply pressure around the pelvis, which can relieve pain temporarily.


Many treatments and alternatives can help! Don’t hesitate to try them out. Discuss them with your health professionals to get their opinion on which treatment option would be best for you.  Likewise, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!

To book an appointment for physiotherapy, please click here.

 Catherine Riendeau, B. Sc., M. Sc. A., PhT

Catherine graduated from McGill University in 2013 with a Master of Science Applied in physical therapy. Having herself competed for years in figure skating and in badminton, she has a marked interest for sports medicine and orthopedics. She completed the sport first responder course and worked with the McGill Redmen ice hockey and lacrosse teams. She values the active participation of patients in their rehabilitation.


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Cappino Physiotherapy and Wellness Center offers innovative, hands-on treatment techniques to heal injuries faster and to improve quality of life.

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