Do sport products really make us “go farther, run faster, become fitter”…?

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Cappino’s own Alessandra Barba, RD weighs in on the question of nutrition and athletic performance.

I was recently watching CBC’s Marketplace episode “Farther, Faster, Fitter.” on January 31st, 2014, where a question was being discussed about sports products and athletic performance.  Do they really help?

The sports’ industry is a lucrative industry: especially when it comes to supplements and sports drinks. But does everyone actually need them? Marketplace does a great job at reinforcing what dietitians with experience in sports nutrition also teach: for most people, sports bars and sports drinks are often unnecessary and can often be replaced by food or even plain water!

To add to this conversation, according to the Academy of Dietetics and Nutrition, studies have shown that protein powder is “no more or less effective” at building muscle mass than protein coming from a balanced diet consisting only of food. Even Clara Hughes, a high performing athlete and former Olympian featured in this episode of marketplace, manages to meet her very high energy needs using food alone!

So whether you’re a professional or recreational athlete, or even someone who wants to stay in shape; before integrating supplementation into your diet, it’s good to consult with a Registered Dietitian to determine the adequacy of your current diet and what is required nutritionally of your current training regime!

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Meet Alessandra, Cappino’s expert nutritionist.


Dietitian Alessandra BarbaRegistered dietitian and member of l’ordre professionnel des diététistes du Québec (l’OPDQ), Alessandra has a passion for nutrition, healthy living, and helping people achieve their personal goals. She is a graduate from McGill University who excelled academically and was nominated by her peers to represent her graduating class as valedictorian. Alessandra has a multitude of experience with different clinical specialities, including weight loss, geriatrics, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, sports nutrition, among others. She understands that a good rapport with open communication between a dietitian and her client is a crucial factor for success, and her enthusiasm for her work is contagious. To learn more about our dietetics service, click here.

Alessandra Barba, RD


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