Acupuncture FAQ

Is Acupuncture painful?

In fact, Acupuncture sessions are rather a moment of relaxation! In the vast majority of cases, the insertion of the needles goes completely unnoticed and most patients completely relax and fall asleep during treatment.


Is it necessary to believe in it for Acupuncture to work?  Does Acupuncture work with the placebo effect?

Absolutely no belief is required. Acupuncture has proven to be effective on children and even on animals. You can be sure that neither the dogs nor the babies have false pre-conceptions about Acupuncture!


Can the needles spread infections?

In Quebec, the practice of Acupuncture is regulated by the Quebec Order of Acupuncturists.  Mandatory practices prevent any risk of infection. All needles are sterile, disposable and of single use. No case of infection transmitted through Acupuncture has been documented in Quebec.


How many sessions are necessary?

I do not sell membership! The number of treatments needed varies depending on the condition, age, physical fitness of the patient and some other factors. Most conditions can be treated in a few treatments and often much faster than what patients expect.


Is it necessary to have a medical prescription in order to be reimbursed by the insurance?

Not at all. The only requirement is that the acupuncturist be a member of the Quebec Order of Acupuncturists.